We offer the most comprehensive guarantee in the cleaning industry.
Foremost, we prevent problems BEFORE they happen. Delivering a consistent quality product in the cleaning service industry is a unique challenge. Why? Every customer has a unique situation and unique expectations. So how do we achieve a 97% customer satisfaction rate?

How do we do it?

We attract the best employees and keep them. We offer full benefits, health insurance, a company car and a living wage. The investment pays off in an extremely low staff turnover. And we can focus on training, not re-training.

We utilize a team approach and each person checks the other. It just makes sense, two sets of eyes are better than one.

We employ a full time quality assurance manager. That job consists of preventing complaints before they happen.

We assign our clients by team lead. Because we have such a low staff turnover, we assign you to one team and keep that team on location. Employees that are familiar with your local concerns work more efficiently and do a better job.